Did you ever dream of an own personal assistance?


Finally to have really a better work-life balance? Your dream might come true!

I am your personal assistance, your work-life balance concierge.


I am the busy bee behind your scene.


Planning, arranging, and organizing are  tiresome and time-consuming activities. Did you come across a situation, where you thought, how wonderful it would be, that someone else would do all this little annoying tasks for you? You just want to focus on the important things, the tasks you really enjoy,  give proper time to your family, and perform better at work. Or just relax more.


I provide you personal and individual assistance to create balance in your personal and professional life. So, you can have the work-life balance you were always longing for.

My service is perfect for you, if you

  • are a coach, trainer, bodyworker, teacher, therapist, musician or provide other services to clients
  • want save time, effort, and energy
  • want to focus on your profession and you dislike the organisational part
  • want more convenience in your life
  • want to use your valueable time for the things you really like
  • want to give more importance to where you can enjoy most
  • want to outsource tasks which just costs you time and energy

What you can expect from your personal assistance

  • finding the perfect venue or space fitting to your requirements (especially South-West Portugal)
  • organise your sessions, events or retreats
  • planning, arranging and organizing
  • making reservations, bookings and appointments
  • communication with providers and clients
  • collect informations
  • marketing and distribution fitting to your service and target group
  • delivery management
  • performing difficult and unusual tasks
  • German (mother tongue) and English (fluent)

How does it work?

  1. We have a first meeting free of charge to get to know each other and to discuss the expectaions. It can take place in person at your or mine place. Or online via Zoom or Skype.
  2. Afterwards we will plan our joint cooperation individually for you and according to your topics and needs. I’ll setup an individual solution for you. Tailored to your life and needs.
  3. The rates are depending on your indiviual needs.

About me

I am Anja, 39, your Personal Assitance. I grew up in a little town in Bavaria, Germany. I have an MBA and for 15 years I worked as a project manager and business consultant mostly for big corporations like BMW and Lufthansa. I’m passionate about managing complex projects and challenges as well as doing strategic consulting in the area of communication, service development and digital transformation. I used my empathy and communication skills to focus on team building, interpersonal communication and mentoring.


5 years ago, I got self-employed and founded my own agency and specialised on sustainability consultancy and helped sustainable start-ups with their businesses. I also supported non-profit organizations and organised events to educate about plant-based and zero waste living. Being an entrepreuenr opened up values I was longing for.  More freedom, more flexibilty, more independency. But also trust in myself and my talents.


Since autumn 2020 I live in Portugal and my lifelong dream of living abroad in nature and close to the ocean came true. My life is now about experiencing of truly being alive, expressing myself and trusting my intuition and path.


You can find my CV here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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